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macjuicy23 09-27-2007 10:43 AM

A Wish for a Special Child....
I have a request.......

A little boy by the name john who is my cousin has had cancer now for over 1 year, he is in my family and is one of the best kids you will ever meet, I talk to him almost everyday and visit him 4 times a week, he recently was released from the hospital and is in high spirits.... He cant really go outside and play with the other kids or go to school due to his illness.....
He has been telling me how much he wants an xbox 360, that’s pretty much all he talks about.... His mom and dad cant really afford one.... I really wanted to get him one but I'm a little strapped myself.... So here is what I came up with...

I have an ipod touch 8gb which is brand new in the box.... I wanted someone who is the most reputable here to control the money paypal preferably because its easier..... For every 10$ donated to his Xbox fund I will enter your name in the drawing to win the ipod.... I don’t want to go over the cost of the Xbox, I only wanted to do this to bring a little happiness into a great kids life...

Who ever is interested in controlling the donations to purchase the game please PM me.... I would really like one of the more reputable members like RIDE, KASH etc.... You all know who can be trusted most...

I promise you all this is legit and you will be helping a great kid.... If you donate please include your name, email and contact # so I can fill out a ticket... Lets see if we cant get him this wish

I will do a video Raffle for IPOD (Great Idea RIDE!)

Thanks a million.........

cheesybanana 09-27-2007 10:48 AM

I would be glad to donate. PM me when you get things set up.

This sounds like a great idea. It makes me really happy when people do things like this!

macjuicy23 09-27-2007 10:59 AM

I just need someone with a good rep to control the paypal donations so we can begin... I hope we get more people like you thanks!

our Goal is 350.00 all we need is 35 people to donate 10.00 each and we can reach our goal! (i will pay the tax, and I also have 2 games Im going to give him)

XMARLTONX 09-27-2007 11:18 AM

I have a paypal account and I'd be glad to help out, in anyway I can. I'm not Kash or RIDE though, I have ebay feedback here and here. If you would like someone else I understand, I'd still be willing to donate.

macjuicy23 09-27-2007 11:25 AM


Originally Posted by XMARLTONX (Post 493154)
I have a paypal account and I'd be glad to help out, in anyway I can. I'm not Kash or RIDE though, I have ebay feedback here and here. If you would like someone else I understand, I'd still be willing to donate.

I just put ride or kash because I know they have been members here for a longtime, but honestly I donít see a problem with you handling the paypal donations, I would hope no one would do anything to scam this little boy from having this one thing.... I have contacted make a wish for a year now and nothing so im taking matters into my own hands... Please post your paypal donation email and PM me so I can give you my cell and info.... Do you think you can keep posting every time you have a donation so we can see totals instantly? If so then I see no problem with you handling the Paypal...

macjuicy23 09-27-2007 11:44 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Here is a Pic of John....

(Taken last year, Hes 9 now)

macjuicy23 09-27-2007 01:19 PM


macjuicy23 09-27-2007 01:49 PM

Come on guys and gals 44 views and no one wants to help this poor kid?...... lets do this......

RiDE 09-27-2007 02:05 PM

I'd be happy to hold the cash via PayPal (I have verified paypal account and 100% ebay feedback)... I'd also go in on 3 or 4 $10 raffle tickets.

What's the best way to handle it?

Very thoughtful of you to do this!!!

XMARLTONX 09-27-2007 02:11 PM

Sent you a PM! =)

mathogre 09-27-2007 02:15 PM

Very cool macjuicy23! I'd second RIDE on handling the money. (Kash and XMARLTONX I'm sure are fine too.) I'm good for a couple tickets. ^_^

macjuicy23 09-27-2007 02:20 PM

RIDE and XMARLTONX either is fine with me....

I was thinking of 10$ raffle donations to make it fair for all who donate, I know RIDE and just met XMARLTONX but seems like a good person... I think it would be better to post one paypal so that we dont have to pay 2 fees...

RIDE if you want just post your email for paypal.......

Just Post everytime Someone Donates so we can post totals ....

Id like to say thanks to all of you who are helping, once we get the Xbox to him I will post Pics and comments from him..... thanks again

macjuicy23 09-27-2007 02:33 PM

I know RIDE will have your email when you donate, But please PM me your Name, Phone (Optional), and Email... I have raffle tickets and Im going to fill a ticket for each donation.... who ever wins the IPOD in raffle I will pay shipping anywhere in the US when I send it to you as gratitude for your generosity....

macjuicy23 09-27-2007 02:41 PM

I just received a 20.00 donation from a co-worker!

RiDE 09-27-2007 02:46 PM

I think it would be best to know exactly how many tickets you are going to sell. Probably 42... $420 should cover the xbox360 and tax.

Let's post in this thread how many tickets you are COMMITTING to. So far it looks like 1 for Cheesybanana... 3 for me... and 2 from Mathogre... re-confrim just to be sure.

I'm am a FOR SURE 3 ticket buyer.

Once all 42 tickets are committed to, I will post my paypal addy to have people send the money. I think it would be better to do it all at once, as I don't want to hold say Cheesy's and Math's money while we wait for the rest of the tickets to be committed to.

Sound good macjuicy???

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