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    i robot
    this is a really good movie. people got pretty mad because it didnt follow isaac asimovs original story but i never read it so i dont care. supposedly in the original books the robot could never turn evil because of the three laws. if this was true then were would the story come from? has anyone else seen this movie? did u like it?

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    The Saab Pimp
    heh, i enjoyed it thoroughly. i thought the plot was good, CG was great, and even though there were some cheeze "matrix" shots in there, it was overall a really good movie.

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    ya the cg was good it didnt take my mind of the movie like some cg does

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    Actually the great thing with what Isaac did was that even with the three laws the robots could still follow them while wrecking the havoc.. and I hear that the movie still follows those laws and confronts the same issues.. I can't wait to see it

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