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    transparent PNGs in IE
    i wish Internet explorer for windows would suppurt transparent PNGs. IE for mac does. why wouldnt IE for windows? it is really starting to tick me off :mad:

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    Internet Explorer for Windows is a very, very old program and Microsoft couldn't be bothered to sort it out back then. Many sources say that they can't be bothered to sort it out for the next version of Internet Explorer either.

    Screw it - I have, check out the avatar. There a loads of browsers, including Firefox, which support transparent PNGs. If people use old rubbish technology then they should know about it.

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    IE for windows is a major security hazard. Key stroke loggers read from it and theft of bank information is rampant

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    if you do a search for PNG hacks, there is a way to have PNGs work with IE. It uses javascript. Just do a few searches for javascript png hacks. I wish i could remember off the top of my head the site, or the name of the .js file, but it does work.

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