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    Software on eBay. Good? Bad? Fake? Legit?
    Ok peeps,

    I want to buy Toast 8 for my Macbook, but would rather not pay $100 at Apple/CompUSA/BestBuy etc...

    So, I checked eBay. For the record, I've purchased software from eBay before, but it was a sealed retail box version, so I wasn't too concerned. Today however, I came across many "retail" versions of Toast that were only a disc in a sleeve with a CD key. This seemed odd, as this kind of packaging usually happens with an OEM version, not a retail one. Moreover, the cost of these discs was around $35 shipped - obviously much cheaper than the B&M stores.

    If this were a reputable online reseller such as newegg, I'd have no problems with the purchase. Unfortunately, that isn't the case. While these sellers may have a litany of positive feedback, it is entirely possible that it was a result of an unsuspecting buyer being happy with the price (or an ignorant one for that matter), rather than the quality of the service/purchase.

    My question is this:

    Has anyone had experience with purchasing software (preferably Toast) on eBay. I'm more concerned with the integrity of the software than anything else. Maybe I'm being paranoid here, but would it be possible for a bootlegger to modify the installation files on this disc such that it installs more programs than I would have liked? (eg. keylogger/trojan/etc.).

    Thanks in advance

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    ebay isn't anywhere near the way it was 5 or 6 years ago. I generally try my best to avoid it completely. I would suggest that anyone else do the same.

    If you want deals on software, try something like to find out where some better prices are.
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    I have had luck with openbox items on ebay before, buying a couple of OS'es that worked as promised. Though there are always your scammers, make sure to check the auction out first.

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    I'd also see if the seller has a long and positive history too.... I guess you can fake that tooo but over the course of 3-4 years i unno

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    what about straight from roxio's website is it cheaper that way?

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