Has anybody here seen Urinetown? What did everybody think? I haven't seen many plays or musicals, but this could be possibly the best musical ever (keep in mind that I saw the Toronto production). It's got EVERYTHING! It's a satire on other musicals for the most part, with two of the cast members actually talking about how Urinetown falls into the formula for musicals. It's funny--On more than one level! Mostly, it was funny on the ironic level, in that the jokes weren't really funny but rather intentionally stupid to mock other musicals which have crappy jokes like that. The flashback and falling sequences were intentionally funny at how they were done, and many of the dance sequences just cracked me up. And speaking of the dancing, it was unbelievable! I have NEVER seen such incredible choreography and enthusiasm! It was SO varied! And the MUSIC! It was GREAT! And the voices were incredible, and VERY deep into the roles. And the acting was great too. And on top of that and the irony AND the fact that it's a completely original story and topic, there's even philosophy in it, including political and environmentall philosophy! I am completely astounded that one show was able to be unbelievable in every single category. No wonder it got nominated for ten Tonies and won three, not to mention all of the other awards!

I probably would've enjoyed it a bit more if I was a bit older and more aware of irony, because during the first act I wasn't totally aware of ALL of the irony in the show. I was aware of a good deal of it, like Hope's character and the premise of the rich vs. the poor with a young guy leading the poor, but not all of the irony. And some of the words were a bit advanced, too, not to mention some of the concepts, like with the philosophy. Overall though, I understood it and could see NO flaws, as opposed to The Producers, which just doesn't come close to this. Maybe the Broadway production one does, though, who knows. Yeah, I guess it's safe to say that the Broadway production of The Producers could be a match for Urinetown.

But I've rambled on too long. Has anyone else seen Urinetown? If so, what did ya think?