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    Going Back to Mac...When to buy?
    Hey everyone, I'm new to the boards, good to be here.

    I'm a senior in college, and am about to return to Macs after a three-year stint with a Dell laptop. (Won't be making that mistake again.) The reason I am purchasing a new MacBook Pro is because I was just signed into a class on the condition that I will provide my own computer, and I simply don't trust my Dell to make it through the semester. I could not be more excited.

    I do have a few questions, though. I will be purchasing through the education store, and their current promotion is $200 off plus a free nano. (The previous generation, not the brand new one.) I don't really care about the nano as I already have one. This promotion will end on September 16, 2007. Any ideas on whether Apple will be running a new promotion after that? Or should I buy now, as there will be no incentives besides the $200 off?

    My other question concerns Leopard. I am under the assumption that if I buy now, I will need to pay for Leopard later. While Leopard looks amazing, is it really worth waiting another month for?

    I really appreciate any and all advice you can give me. Thanks in advance.

    EDIT: I hope I put this in the right section of the forum. If not, point me in the right direction.

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    Apple will always run promotions...when and the real question. I'd buy the MBP and get the free Nano (since they already told you it does not apply to the new model) and just sell it on ebay. As far as Leapard...if you can wait that long go for it.

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    BUY IT NOW! It's a great offer. Like Bear Hunter said, since you already have a nano, you can sell the free one on eBay. Then you're getting about $400 off of your MacBook Pro.


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    Leopard is like half price for students anyway, so the nano, even an old one would more than pay for it.

    Go for it; Apple is pushing to get people going back to school to buy Macs at the moment; coming up to Xmas Apple won't have to do anything to sell their products, they'll sell themselves so these special deals will likely take a backseat for awhile (even in the "Boxing Day Sales" as we call them here, Apple products stay full price... if there's any left after the Xmas rush!).
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    just get it now.

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    If you need it than youd ont have a choice.

    However, are you the type to usually have buyer's remorse, especially after they announce a better model for the same price a month after your purchase? If its only a month's wait, than the wait will be worth it. If its 6months to a year's wait for a new model, than dont wait.

    In this case youre not waiting for a new model, just the OS.

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    I just ordered my Macbook Pro on Wed. w/ my education discount and they said it was back ordered and won't be delivered until the 18th at the earliest. If you order it now, you get the new ipod nano, but it's the 4GB one that costs $149, and they will give you a $149 Mail In Rebate instead. (You can actually upgrade and get the Video or maybe even the touch but you will still only get $149 back)

    I already have a 30GB 5G ipod so I just got the new nano w/ the intentions of reselling it. Also, what is your major? They have this excellent promotion for Adobe Creative Suite 3 Design or Web Premium when you buy a mac for academics. It's usually 599.95 for the Design Premium w/ academic pricing, but if you get a mac it's only $349.95. I don't feel it's really necessary to get Leopard and even if I did upgrade, selling the nano should help me pay for the cost of the upgrade, and also since there is no official release date, I don't want to wait forever. I doubt there will be any major changes to the Pro anytime soon but who knows.

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    Wow, you guys have been immensely helpful.

    Looks like I'm just gonna go ahead and get it now. Talked to a rep at the local store, they don't have any in stock and don't know when they're gonna get any. (I'm a little wary of ordering online because I live in an apartment.) I'll figure it out.

    Thanks again everyone. You made this decision a lot easier. I am so pumped for this.

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