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    Sharing info between two local macs?
    I have a B/W G3 (9.2) and also a G4 (10.2). I have them physically connected with an ethernet cable, but don't know any more than that. How do I access the info on my G3 from my G4? I have done it successfully before, but have forgotten how.

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    New to me, but I think you need to mount one in the finder to the other like an external drive

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    how do u have them connected??. I have mine connected through a router and to access the other computer i open a finder window, click on network icon in the top left corner and it gives me the other computer to mount. it then mounts the HD on the desktop after i type my password.
    hope that helps

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    Yup, that's how I do it too. You could also just press the apple key + K and a window should automatically pop up, asking which hard drive to mount.

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