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    Dual 2.2GHz powered by AMD Opteron - *Sends G5 & 8Gb Ram to scrap heap* Yeah! finally switched BACK!
    Talking I love it here.... Cheap Macintosh's
    Cheap things almost everywhere... but what's the cost of living near you?

    I'm in Hong Kong btw, rated 5th! Before SARS it was 1st!

    Get back up there man!!!

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    it seems ur link doesnt work.

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    Isn't it a bad thing to have a high cost of living? Everything is more expensive. :confused:

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    Highest cost of living is in Japan. Osaka is #1 and Tokyo is #2. London, Paris, Moscow, all are in the top 10.

    No American city is in the top 10 coz of the crap dollar exchange rate prevailing at this time.

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