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    The Ultimate Question Part 2: 360 premium or elite
    hi guys nice to see everyone again this is part two on my search for the ultimate answer (no it is not 42) right well looking at games i definately prefer the 360 so question is elite or premium? Or answers welcome

    P.S- You can still post here regarding the original question "PS3 or 360?"

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    it really depends on what your using it for. if you are using it for strickly games then the permium will probably be the choice i would go for. if however you you are going to save music pictures and download movies and videos off xbox live as well as games, i would go to with the elite because of its bigger hard drive.

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    uhm elite HDMI come on... well i guess some of the premiums come with it now but u will be hard up to find one

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    I'd wait until the holidays my friend. I heard the 360's are gonna have the new cooler chips for the holiday season, which should address many of the problems people are experiencing like the red ring of death.
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    Wait ... just like leecho7 said.

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