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    Call from (769)-100-800
    Yes, 9 digits. I googled it and could find nothing. The 769 area code is supposedly in mississippi, but I'm not sure what the 100-800 would be.

    My phone was on silent so I missed the call and no voice mail was left for me. I called the # back but it said the call could not be completed as dialed.

    Anyone know anything about this? Is it a verizon number (I have verizon)?

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    when i get a call from blockbuster saying I need to return a movie its from 000-000-0000 and when any international call comes through its usually just random symbols and numbers

    could be anything...
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    sometime phones that are in trunklines come up as the trunk number instead of the phone number. it is a number assgned by the telephone switch to that trunk. it usually can no be called from an ordinary phone. it was probably someone in a phonecenter somewhere calling to offer you something.

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    Somebody sent a spoofed CallerID. It happens.

    Nine-digit phone numbers are impossible according to the North American numbering plan.

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