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    Help me decide on which apple notebook!!
    help me out here guys:

    these are both the same price (1,550 after protection plan)

    iBook G4 1.2GHz/256MB/60GB/Combo/AP Extreme Card/E/56K/ 14" TFT-Refurbished
    PowerBook G4 1GHz/256MB/40GB/Combo/E/Aluminum/12"TFT-refurbished

    the ibook is a bit faster and has a larger hard drive and a larger screen. but i really hate the design of the 14in ibook its just too white. i will be using this computer for video editing, picture editing and powerpoints.

    which one should i get for what im using it for. almost immediately after i buy either model i will upgrade to 512mb of ram from ebay and then edit video using final cut pro. and i will be using photoshop for video editing.

    my only gripe about the 14in ibook is the awkward keyboard side with the tiny speakers, it just looks weird.

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    the keyboard on the iBook and Powerbook are basically the same because the iSkin fits both of them, and i have the iBook G4 1.2Ghz and i love it and it doesn't look too white

    i would get the 14inch iBook
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    If you don't like all the white, paint it. That's what I plan on doing as soon as I decide on a design.

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    will it void the warranty?

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