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Thread: Is this legit or a scam?

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    Is this legit or a scam?
    I recently won this Yahoo! auction.

    I am pretty sure it is legitimate but I have already gotten scammed on one auction and I'm still in the process of getting my money back. If you look at the pictures of the seller's closed auctions, there is a picture of the hardwood floor in the background on one of the phone auctions and the other computer auction. He gave me his name and home address to send payment to also. Plese tell me your thoughts on this.

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    Looks like you got it...for $1000 awsome find. Lemmie know if you want to make a profit on it, you know, sell if for $1002 or something.

    Anyways, Congrates.

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    I have more suspicion that eBay is not often a legit deal everyday...

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