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    G'Day all
    I own an iBook with OSX Pantha, and i need a program that will bypass a proxy for MSN Messenger, as my school blocks the port (i can't remember which one it is off the top of my head...)

    i do not want to pay for it, nor do i want to get annoying pop-ups because of it...


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    use, a different port?

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    Right, cause there are open ports or there is no internet access. Just assign it to a known open port

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    But do it on an _unfiltered_ port. Example: "Bess, the Internet Retriever", commonly known as BESS, filters ALL traffic on port 80 and 8080. I oughta know -- I've bypassed it with lots of methods =)...

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    They might not be blocking the port, and the problem could be caused by the fact that MSN Messenger doesn't support proxy authentication (I presume your computer is set up to go through the university's web proxies?).

    If this is the case, download Authoxy, enter your proxy settings including your username/password in that (from System prefs) and change the existing settings in system prefs to use your new local Authoxy proxy (
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