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Thread: cats rule ok!

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    cats rule ok!
    all nine of my cats wont let me and wife in bed. they have the dog to help them, can you spot the white one
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    small bed big cats...

    I like cats and dogs.. dogs more than cats, but only because cats take craps in a box in your house. My friend has 2 kittens, and they are pretty cool to watch and entertain.

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    Hehe! Lotta cats, I see the white one at the head of the bed, upper left in the pic. My pet is an Amazon parrot, and a real clown!
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    Good God that's a ton of kitties. Send one over my way.

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    thanks guys - glad you liked the photo !

    witeshark - your parrot is a real cutie !

    the animals certainly keep us busy and definately rule the home.


    Tony liverpool-Lad

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