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Thread: plz help me out guys?

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    Unhappy plz help me out guys?
    First off this site rocks...
    Send off i'll never go back to a Windows PC piece of sh*t....recently i just installed a home wireless network in my house, with 2 Windows PC's and my lovely Mac, 3 hours of figuring out how to have the PC accept the signal from the wireless router (granted the pc is a win 98 and XP is prolly alot better)...but with my mac, i installed my airport card, and instantly it walked me through the setup and I was only in seconds. B-E-A-utiful!

    but the reason im posting is...

    I make movies and stuff on FCP3, and now I want to make a nice DVD Case label for my dvd's like the oncs you would see in the store when you buy a dvd...*not the sticky label u up on the CD/DVD* but the label that goes on the inside the clear plastic that goes around the (usually black in color) DVD case...

    I just bought Photoshop CS and i am new to photoshops and am just getting used to it...but if anyone makes DVD labels what program do you guys use...and is there a template, or something that is already preset with the size, so i can just import pictures and put in some text and print it out? or should I just mess around some more with PH CS and try to figure it out...

    ur comments plz! thanks!

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    You might find something helpful here -hope it helps

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    i would find out the dementions of the case, that the page would sit in, once you print it out and such...then from there, you can make a blank photoshop image... start off with a black background, and start putting stuff on it.

    photoshop is a fun program to learn... im still a noob at it, but i do stuff like making sig's for my online you can see below, i took the image that was on the girls back, removed it, replaced the color on her back where the image once was, then took the apple logo, put it over her back, made it lighter so you could see her skin tone through it, then shaded it a bit to try to make it look natural.... if you glance at it, it almost looks like the apple was painted on her back... but upon closer inspection, its just the work of a noob me... lol

    if you have any questions on photoshop, i might be able to help you out, PM me, or post a not a graphic designer, but i do know the program a little bit...

    good luck, photoshop is fun... and you will want to get your money out of learn it! and love it!

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    that website didn't help but thanks anyways, it was for a jewel case, not a dvd case.

    photoshop is sooo confusing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by doubledvideo
    photoshop is sooo confusing.
    PS has a steep learning curve. I suggest using the tutorials that came with it. They are great for getting you up to speed on the basics and include some pretty advanced stuff too.


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