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    Deep Thoughts
    Is there a way to short-circuit Panther so the machine will skip past "Waiting for local disks" after a hard reboot, rather than waiting till hell freezes over?

    Why can't "they" put an automatic cookies-on preference in whatever browser's bookmarks you wish? Default would be cookies off, so the next bookmark used would turn cookies off again. Or would this be Active-Xish? Duh, I dunno.

    Why does anyone use any browser other than Mozilla? Even Mozilla's derivatives won't block any and all ads. An add-on toolbar for most Mozilla derivatives allows the user to kill popups and flash with mere clicks of the mouse. But only Mozilla will block with a right click any ad without resorting to that add-on block-by-ad-size kludge. Everything Mozilla creates and/or uses can be nuked from the library -- automatically with AppleScripts if you wish. Safari will never block ads, for the same reason Internet Exploiter won't. A pox on browser speed. Waiting a 10th of a second longer means nothing when the alternative is a huge flashing ad telling me I can optimize Windows.

    Why do downloads sometimes create new full-screen browser windows loaded with the downloading app's code, forcing the user to close the window and start the download again with the option key down? It's not a Mozilla-only phenomenon because it happened in OS 9 before Mozilla was a sparkle in Netscape's eye.

    When will Apple paper over permissions hell? It's almost as big a pain as the registry in Windows. An hour before I posted this, the internet went off-limits. Ten minutes before, the connection was fine. I rebooted in 9, and was online immediately. Back in X, I ran Disk Utilities' permissions repair, and was plugged into the world once more. Permissions are X's glass jaw.

    /Deep Thoughts

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    what are you talking about? safari blocks pop-ups (if that is what you are talking about). and i don't think permissions have any effect on internet connections.

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    I agree with WAPA18 and I think you may not be deleting cookies and emptying cache often enough are you running crons on time? Safari has never allowed any kind of pop up

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    I should have been more specific. Popups and specific images can be blocked. With a right click, you can choose "Block images from this server," which 99.9 percent of the time are ads I want to get rid of. iCab has a similar function but loses the list of blocks on shutdown.

    I wrote a script that dumps the cache and deletes the history every time I quit Mozilla, so I eliminated that as the cause of the no connection, and I run the required crons every day from MacJanitor. Once a week I run OnyX. Maybe the connection failure was fixed by coincidence after running the permissions repair.

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