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    Question Refurb MBP or Refurb Mac Pro?
    I am looking at the 17" MBP and the x2 2.0 ghz Mac pro at the apple store refurb mac page( and I don't know what to get. I kinda want mobility and speed(like MBP). but I also want the ability to upgrade my GFX and have a hoss of a computer so I don't have to buy a new one ever year(Mac Pro).

    What would you recommend? I am leaning twords the Mac Pro because I want to be able to still upgrade its GFX and ram for the latest games.


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    The MBP has great power on the move. But as you said in terms of upgrading it kinda sucks (not just MBP but all portable). However the MP is animal but you can't just stick it your bag and go.

    The thing you have to ask yourself is do I need or want mobility. Its a good idea to write down what you need and what you want. When all the needs are checked its down to personal preference.

    I would highly recommend the mac pro as I have a MBP and love it but when I used my friends Mac Pro. I was extremely impressed to say the least. But either way you get a great machine!

    I know I didn't help to much just rambled on and on and I am sorry!

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    They're both amazing machines. I'd get the Mac Pro and if you really need some mobility get a cheapo Dell notebook or something.

    By the way I have a MBP refurb and other than the box it comes it you would think it was brand new.

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