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    Uninstall Adobe CS2. Please help!
    Hi! I am installing a version of Adobe CS3 beta. My problem is, the installer tells me to uninstall my trial version of CS2 (which i would be thrilled to do), but the CS2 trial installer does not have an uninstall option!

    Please help. Thank you!


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    Probably belongs in the Applications Section... Anyway, if Photoshop doesn't have an installer (check its original installer and see if while "installing" there is an uninstall option before doing anything else), you could try using an application like AppDelete (freeware).

    Quote Originally Posted by AppDelete readme
    The goal of AppDelete is to delete the items (files and folders) that are associated with the application you want to delete. This is so you don't have to delete them manually, or let them remain on your computer once your app is deleted. While it is difficult to be perfect in getting every item, AppDelete should remove all of the associated items.

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    You can simply drag and drop all the files into trash. Try AppZapper. You may have to remove the CS2 from /Library/Receipts/ as well.

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    I think Adobe adds an uninstaller with their apps. I tried a few months ago, on the old iMac G4, getting rid of Adobe Acrobat manually and that messed up a lot of stuff so would not advise in manually dropping them in the trash and I don't think AppZapper can take care of uninstalling Adobe apps.

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