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    Word Count script...
    I'm a fan of John Gruber/Daring Fireball but I haven't been visiting his website with much regularity lately because of school for one thing.

    I just visited today and three days ago he posted a cool looking article about one of his friend's ThisService Mac OS X add-on and a script he wrote for it,‘Word Count’ Script for ThisService.

    Think I'm gonna try it! And if anyone in here has the soul of a script writer, you might have fun with writing some of your own! :girl:

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    Sorry, I just have to add this. The above is very clever to be sure, but fire up Terminal and check out the humble "wc" utility. wc stands for guessed it... word count. It also counts the number of lines, via "wc -l". It can also tell you the number of characters or the number of bytes (which may be different than the number of characters if you are using unicode).

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    I am Terminal-ly challenged.

    I just thought there are other members like me in Mac-Forums, that's why I posted this.

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