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    Should I buy a iMac or wait a bit?
    Newbie apologises in advance.........

    I've been using my ibook g4 for about 2 years. I bought a laptop because I thought I would be on the move- but in the end that wasn't the case. My g4 isnt performing as well as it used to and I've been editing movies so I'm thinking of getting an iMac.

    Thing is, I'm worried 12months down the line its going to be replaced by something better.
    I scoured the internet but found nothing definite.

    Is it a good time to buy do you think?

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    Definitely get it now, or wait for Leopard. If the worst case scenario you pointed out
    12months down the line its going to be replaced by something better.
    Actually happens then you've had the use of a great machine for a whole year and it is still a great machine. There will always be something better released at some point, all you need to worry about is if the machine you have suits your needs - it will probably still do so in a years time.

    Basicly, if you worry about what's due out next year you will have your ibook forever.

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    There's always something better 12 months down the road, but thinking like that will mean you never would buy a computer.

    Some were expecting some news at Macworld last month, but there wasn't any. Leopard might be announced in a couple of months, but there's unlikely to be any iMac changes in the next few months.

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    At the present time, I would wait for Leopard if I could. You can expect the hardware to be upgraded every year but what really matters is whether or not you can run the software you need and the OS.

    In my case, my computer works fine (5 year old PowerBook) so I'll hang on for the next OS upgrade since it is in the forseeable future.

    If I needed a new computer now, I wouldn't be too concerned with buying today though. I bought my PowerBook two OS upgrades ago, skipped the first one, and upgraded to Tiger 18 months ago. Your new Mac will run Leopard fine if you need to upgrade and Tiger will probably be supported until whatever comes after Leopard is out (even longer most likely).

    My main reason to wait is that I can wait and so I might as well get the latest OS pre-loaded.

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    I doubt anything new will be coming from Apple in the computer line at the moment, after all, intel haven't really got any new chips in the pipeline (well they have, but none that apple will use).

    And of course they are really busy with the iPhone...

    The only thing you might want to hang on for is Leopard and iLife '07...

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    I'm in a similar position, but upgrading from a mini to an iMac.

    If I had the money right now I'd buy this very minute, then you get a sweet, stable machine and a sweet and stable operating system. I'm sure Leopard will be great once it comes out but Tiger's great, too.

    Buy now.

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    If you have the money, buy now

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    Buy now..I did and I'm not sorry. I'll just upgrade when anything comes out and in the meantime I'm using a great machine.

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