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    Talking My Wii Experience
    Hey Guys & Girls,

    So I had a go on a friends Wii a few days ago and loved it so much so that a few days after I went and ordered one myself.

    Thinking that it would be at least a couple of weeks before I received it (due to continual high-demand) I didn't allow myself to get too excited.

    However, my girlfriend got a phone call yesterday from the manager of the shop saying that they have a Wii with my name on!!

    Why did I give them my girlfriends phone number you wonder? Well I cannot remember my own mobile number to save my life! So, shocked at his (partly because I had forgotten to mention to my girlfriend that I had given her number to the shop & partly because of how fast my order got fulfilled) my girlfriend called me to tell me the good news.

    I was in town anyway because I had been to Uni to hand in a project (that was lucky). So. I rushed over to the shop, bought the Wii, an extra controller & nun-chuck (sp?) along with Call Of Duty 3.

    I rushed home on my cycle only to have the chain come off half way! So, Wii in hand and desperate to play I decided to screw fixing it I just walked the rest of the way, bike in hand (The luck I get though! lol).

    Anyways, an hour or so later I'm home, the Wii is set up and itís game on! Me, Michelle (my girlfriend) and Andy (my house mate) were having Wii fun!

    Here's where my "accident" happened:

    Because I had only have 2 controllers and there were 3 of us playing bowling Andy and I were sharing a controller.

    All was going fine, strikes here, and spares there. Having fun!

    My turn - I do some overly exaggerated move toward the TV, crouch down in an awkward position and release my bowling ball! Only to find that my Wii remote had also released, hurling at the TV at near on the speed of light. Next thing you know "ping" as the controller ricochets off the TV, a few walls and finally lands somewhere on the other side of the room!

    The look of fear in Michelle and Andy's eyes was amazing lol. Surprisingly, apart from one side of the controller coming "un-clicked" slightly all was fine, and all I did was click the controller back in place and its good as new.

    The TV was fine (thank god) and the walls are fine (I think).

    So my lesson has been learned lol - ALWAYS wear the strap when playing games, no matter how "calm" you anticipate the game to be.

    On a side note, for those of you wondering, I have concluded that the Wii controllers are extremely durable and will come out on top in a battle with most things!


    Chris :mac:

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    thanks for the story! it was fun!

    now as long as they don't come out with a nintendo version of that crazy Cork road bowling, you should be fine for a while.

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