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Thread: Directed to all WoW players.

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    Directed to all WoW players.
    What do you guys think of the new xpack coming next month? I don't currently have a 60 (48 tauren druid), and I figure by the time I do hit 60 the xpack will be out. This should seem like a good thing, but I really want to try some of the current raids that are out, I don't just want all the 40 man raids to disappear. So what are your guy's thoughts?

    - Do you think there is a future for the current raids, or are they just going to be dead and burried?

    - You think balance between all classes/ 60-69 BGs will be even?

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    Why do you want to try the 40 man raids? They really aren't very fun...

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    I figure it'll just pink corvettes me off.

    Blood elf pallys all over the Barrens...

    .. all the locks already respec'd to get their felguard..

    I'm kinda over WoW..

    60 Troll Priest - Illidan Realm

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    Quote Originally Posted by spiccy View Post
    I'm kinda over WoW..
    Me too, it just seems like for me to get anything worthwhile done I need to play for at least a couple hours, but it just doesn't hold my interest for that long anymore.

    I have a 60 Paladin and a 60 Warrior, both Alliance.

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    I was over-it when my 14-day Trial card expired... Beautiful sceneries and characters though.

    I don't like the idea of paying for the game, then continue to pay to play it.

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