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    Dell TV's
    I'm in the market for a new Plasma / LCD tv and was wondering if anyone on here has any of the Dell's Plasma or LCD tv's?? if so what do you think about it??

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    Quote Originally Posted by mdavis71 View Post
    I'm in the market for a new Plasma / LCD tv and was wondering if anyone on here has any of the Dell's Plasma or LCD tv's?? if so what do you think about it??
    I can tell you what I think about dell's computers. they are useless bricks

    I was on the M-F honor roll for month : May 2007

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    I have a Dell 19" LCD. And all i have to complain about are the buttons on the side, and the remote. Mainly the remote. It totally stopped working after about two weeks. The buttons on the side of the TV to go through the menus can be a little unresponsive somtimes.

    It also has trouble connecting through DVI and VGA somtimes.

    Easily the best DELL Product on the market. And i would know.

    Computers = Horrible
    Dell DJ= More Horrible
    Wireless Router = Most Horrible

    I would give it an Overall score of about an 8. One of the better LCD TVs. And the price isnt too outrageous.

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    Dell's LCD monitors are great, but strangely their TV's aren't very good. I suppose that makes sense since they are computer makers.

    From what I've read, Panisonic has the best 42" and 50" plasmas for the money, but because they are professional models and, in that, pretty basic, you have to spend a little extra to add conections you need and a stand if you need it. It's still the best deal and you can just add the connections you need.

    Check out CNET's reviews. Right now I'm trying to decide between spending money on a Panasonic 42" plasma tv or a Dell 30" monitor.

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    i've had a couple dell desktops.

    they've been tanks in my opinion - just to even out the odd anti-dell sentiment here.

    i know for a fact that the oldest one (purchased in 1997 - an xps d300 PII) is still working like a champ. a friend has it now.

    as for the TVs, sorry - no experience myself.

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