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    Angry Anyone seen this problem?
    Opened the Disk Utility last week and attempted to repair permissions on my system disk. About 1/3 through the process, a message comes up saying,"Disk Utility has lost communication with the Disk Management Tool. Close and restart Disk Utility". Restart results are the same.

    Tried using "Cocktail". Results were the same. Computer is used exclusively for digital audio recording and has never had this problem.

    867 Mhz G4 Quicksilver
    1.5 Gigs Ram
    Os 10.39

    Thanks for any help,
    Stan Henley

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    Welcome here Henhouse1. :girl:

    This is an old issue. I posted about this in my blog way back in January: About the update problem with iTunes/QuickTime, Disk Utility and DiskWarrior. The entry contains the workarounds.

    Hope this solves it for you.

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    Talking Tanks
    Thank you a ton. I only upgraded to itunes 7 last month to satisfy my dumbass brother. 4 worked fine for my purposes. My Disk Ute is now working great but I can't get Itunes to re-install. The installer keeps quiting. If it ain't one thing, it's another.
    But thanks a mill anyway.

    Stan Henley

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    Did you try the workaround where you just need to drag your iTunes application on the desktop, etc.? That way you can get to keep your version of iTunes, it would seem.

    Anyway, glad your Disk Utility is back to normal again.

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    work around
    Actually, I trashed Itunes completely and deleated the mentioned packages. The reason is that I have also been unable to launch Itunes7 for a few days also.
    So I hurled it off of the dock into the abyss in a fit of anger. I then tried to reinstall Itunes4 and it couldn't find some needed files and wouldn't install. So I went to the website, downloaded new V of Itunes7, installer quit!! Clicked on an Itunes soundfile icon on the desktop just for grins and all became normal again. Go figure. Anyway, I'll wait awhile before trying the "program drag only" method for permission repair since that's done now.

    Thanks again,
    Stan Henley
    Junemoon Studios

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    Great you got iTunes working again. What would a Mac be without music? :girl:

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