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    iPod Chargers Outselling Zune on Amazon
    To compliment D3v1L80Y's post yesterday, I can't resist posting this (found via CBS Marketwatch via Cult of Mac):

    By comparison, Microsoft's new Zune media player, despite heavy marketing, came in only at No. 75 on Amazon's list of 100 best-selling electronics, trailing items such as Apple's $29.99 iPod USB power adapter, at No. 65.

    Cult of Mac mentions that since the article was written the Zune has risen to 67, while the power cord was 69. LOL
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    LOL....But when did Amazon become such a barometer for electronics sales? I'd never heard it used before suddenly being quoted everywhere to show that the iPod (and iPod accessories) are outselling the Zune on Amazon.

    No matter, I'm sure MS loves all the free marketing. As the saying goes, no publicity is bad publicity. Constant comparisons of the iPod to the Zune are telling people that the Zune is out there, thus making people aware of it and making it more likely to be purchased.

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    I really want a Zune, though it won't be in europe until late next year, I was considering importing one, however either way I will wait till either my 30gb iPod dies or I get Vista.

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    the zune is a new brand by a generally disliked giant. it would be like general motors making a harley davidson type motorcycle.

    if it ever catches up it'll be a long, long time.
    there have been equally as good if not superior products on the market for some time, it's just that apple has such a great marketing thing going with the ipod (commecial and word of mouth). that's not to say it isn't a nice piece of hardware (especially once you install rockbox).

    that said, i won't ever buy or recommend either one.
    i am however buying my wife a sandisk player for christmas - one that's just like mine.

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    I would like one, but will wait as I'm sure there will be many upgrades from the rushed first version. It's not a great product, but definitely has the potential to be with some tweaks, add-ins and opening up to different music format compatibility. In fact, I would say Microsoft's biggest downfall is copying Apple's idea of rescricting format compatibility. I know it would be much higher on the list if that alone were changed. It's pluses are its screen and it's UI is awesome. In the end, Mircosoft moving out of it's comfort zone of software may not be the best idea, but then again, Xbox seems to be doing quite well.

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