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    mac os8
    I have Mac OS8 and OS9 at work. I try to copy files from Mac to Windows. I think about mapping a drive to Windows or use FTP. I've never used Mac before, and I don't know how to accomplish this task. Could someone help. Thank you.

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    OS 8? wow.
    What kind of files are you trying to transfer? When I used OS 9 at tafe 4 years ago, the PC users there often had to use zip drives. I suppose a small USB drive or external HD might do the trick. I believe that if they're formatted for windows, they will work on both windows and mac - but if you format them on a mac, they will not work on a PC.

    For OS 9, I don't think you need to worry about installing drivers. All the external HD's and USB drives I've used are fine just to plug in on OS 9 and above. OS 8 MAY need the installers. Just check the manuals of any devices like that to be sure.

    I think you'd be able to network them somehow, but I've not used an OS 8/9 to PC network before - at least not like that. I'm sure others will be able to elaborate on that for you

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    I recommend you give this app a try:

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