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    heavy rotation
    so, what are you all listening to? what's seen lots of play on your mp3 player of choice/car stereo/home stereo/desktop/laptop/etc?

    i just made myself a nice mp3 cd for my car with a lot of brit-rock stuff on it, so i've been listenig to lots of snow patrol, doves, keane, coldplay, and travis.

    a few of the songs i need to jump back to the beginning for are:
    snow patrol . an olive grove facing the sea
    keane . atlantic
    doves . one of these days (not a pink floyd cover)

    listening to the new killers album which is way better than i thought it would be.
    also listeing to a lot of "this american life" - find it on npr, great program.

    and a few other song that seem to find there way into my playlists or mix cds:
    elliott smith . pretty (ugly before)
    gnarles barkley . st elsewhere
    brendan benson . metarie
    eels . not ready yet (saw them this summer - incredible outdoor show)
    ambulance ltd . primitive
    spoon . my mathematical mind
    low . 2-step
    ben folds . still fighting it (my two year old son and my theme song)

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    Although I do not discard all of it, but if it's played on the radio, chances are I really don't care for it. I listen to a lot of Industrial/EBM/FuturePop/Shoegazer.

    Lately I have been listening to CombiChrist/The Cure/KMFDM/Delerium/Joy Division

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    When I had my iPod, it was all punk/ska/metal in my car.. Sometimes now I'll bring my laptop for music with the same stuff when my gf is driving or vice-versa.

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    someone gave me nagative rep for this? what's that about?

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