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    Webcams/ iSight and Apples

    I'm new to Mac Forums, so please bear with me if I'm posting my question in the wrong place.

    I've got an Apple iMac G5 (without a build in iSight webcam). iSight webcams are no longer made and so I'm looking for an equivalent quality webcam.

    I've seen a Logitech QuickCam Ultra Vision advertised. A quick look on some websites tell me that it runs on Windows- no shock there.

    My question is simply this. Does anyone from here have any experience of using the Logitech QuickCam Ultra Vision on an Apple Mac running OS X? Your answers will help me decide whether to buy one.


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    I take it you're in Europe? I expect that Apple will be coming out with a new one that will be available in Europe. As far as I know iSights are still around in the US.

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    I'm using normal logitech webcam which until last wasn't working on my G4 iMac. When i bought it 6 months back i've seen the same like yours that it works on Mac But It Didnt .
    Last week i've found one site where it said that i need one software & i downloaded it
    Now its working fine on my Mac
    Try this site
    You'll see a list of Cameras that works on Mac & their drivers

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