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    Selling a 12" PB, one problem, how will it effect price
    I have a 12" PB with AppleCare on it and want to sell it so I can upgrade to a MacBook Pro cause I really need the bigger screen. Problem is I had dropped it and it has a VERY slight dent. I informed AppleCare and they took a note of it for future reference, explaining the situation and how it still runs fine so if I ever go back, they dont blame any issues on the drop. How will this dent effect the selling price? I talked to a few people at Apple and they told me that the 12" PB's are in high demand and to ask for $100 less than other people, is this reasonable? I mean, I personally dont think so lol. How much do you guys suggest I sell it for? Only upgrade I have on it is another stick of 256 mb rams added to the 512 it came with. It was purchased in August of 2005. Thanks for the help.

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    I think if you take some pictures of it and explain to anyone interested in getting what you just explained here and even ask apple to show proof that it won't matter on future problems and that it's working just fine, I don't think you'll have a problem selling it. I would ask for $100 less like apple suggested, just because people are already weary about purchasing used products and one with an esthetic defect will hurt the sale even more. You have to remember that one of the reasons that people go with mac is the style and if it's dinged or dented it will hurt the sale or people will bid or ask for a lower amount because of it.

    Let me know how much you'd like for it and I might actually have a few people interested in it. Especially because the holidays are drawing very close and I have family that have asked about computers for their kids....

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    ebay is a great place to check prices on anything.. see what others are selling them for with dents.

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