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    Applecare shipping to APO address?
    I have a question about Apple's shipping policies. I am not able to order a computer (or anything else) directly from Apple as they will not ship to a military address (APO) which is rather insulting. So if I decide to buy one anyway, I will either have to order from a retailer, or have it shipped to someone in the States and have it forwarded to me. The latter is more expensive, BUT I will be able to get one BTO. I am a little concerned if they will not ship a purchase to me, that I will also have the same problem with service, if necessary. Does anyone know if the service center will ship to an FPO/APO address? If Apple's service uses the US postal system I should be OK, but I cannot get a straight answer via email or on the phone. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    Also, any good advice on where to buy a Mac (MacMall, Amazon etc)?

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    BTW don't ship to APO/FPO Addresses
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