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Thread: Is leaving your computer on 24/7 bad?

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    Is leaving your computer on 24/7 bad?
    Since I got my iMac not too long ago, I haven't shut the darn thing off. I know booting up on Mac's is a breeze, but I just prefer to have it on all the time (partially because my landlord pays for my electricity!).

    I was wondering if leaving my computer on all the time is bad for the hardware? My computer is properly ventilated. The monitor is also set to sleep. I haven't set the computer to sleep, because whenever I do I get kicked off Adium, which is irritating.

    Any thoughts?

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    I do exactly the's quite ok to leave your mac running 24/7, just restart it at least once a month, that's all.

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    Yup, totally okay.. I leave most of my computers on all the time. Just reboot once in a while like Pulse-8 mentioned.

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    I have an eMac and just put it to sleep. I never shut it down. The only time I do is if we leave for more than a couple of days. When I do shut it down. I lose my screen saver and I have to go into pref. and put it back up.

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