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    ichat audio chat question
    ok i just recently got my imac g5 and im using it on a wireless router. so i have been having an audio chat lately with my friend on his imac g4. but recently it hasn't been working. it keeps giving me this error message.

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    G'day tomanizzle,

    What's the error message you get..

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    hello, i am the friend using the g4. we keep getting an error message stating there has been a 'network timeout' or the chat appears to work, then it says 'no data has been received in 10 seconds' and it closes out. connection doctor has not helped, and we even tried opening specific firewall ports

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    So, you guys are on the same network....

    Tiger to Tiger iChat voice calls work. Tiger to Panther iChat calls do not... in either direction. I get an error that says "There is insufficient bandwith to maintain conference." on Tiger end. On the Panther end you get "There was a network timeout starting the conference."
    This info is dated but I thought it might be relevant still, don't know. Does this relate to your exact situation....

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    yes, that is whats going on. but the problem is, we've had MANY audio chats leading up to this problem, which only started a few days ago.

    edit: sorry, no, we are not running on the same network, however, we are running on different versions of os x

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