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    Eye Tv 250// Tv Mini Hd help!
    I know that there is a topic on this particular issue, but it does not really answer any of my questions. I just switched and bought my first Mac. a 24" tricked out Imac..and certainly want to watch and record TV on this big beautiful screen, now..I live in New York and have Digital cable service provided by Time Warner with an HDTV box, now as I see it, I have two choices eye tv 250 or tv mini Hd...but there is a probem with both, eyetv 250 only works with analog signals, and I have a digital cable box..and tv mini Hd says right on the site that it does not work with paid digital cable services.....??? what the... So what product can I use to connect to my cable box and enjoy great quality TV ( and record it). Also, how will this connection happen, what video out will I need to use from the back of my box? S video? ...maybe I will use a component audio cable and make the signal analog? I am quite confused..also with whichever product you recommend...i def want to record content( I think the eyetv software ships with most of these products)..THANKS SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP!

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    i think you want the eye tv 500

    EDIT: maybe not

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    The EyeTV 250 doesn't record HD content and both the EyeTV Hybrid and TV Mini HD only record OTA (over the air) High Definition that you would get from an antenna. I haven't seen any recorders that will take component inputs so you wouldn't be able to get HD recordings from your cable box
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