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Thread: mag-safe rocks.

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    mag-safe rocks.
    so, i've only had my macbook for about a couple months and already i've had an incident where magsafe helped keep my macbook safe. although it was only a minor tug, the macbook was on a lapdesk on my coffee table. my foot hooked the cable and yanked it. if this had been my old hp laptop, i doubt i would have pulled it clear off the lapdesk or the table (it was very heavy too) but i could have damaged the connection.

    i wish more things used this. i once ruined a playstation2 by yanking it out of my entertainment center by it's controller cords by tripping over them. now i only use logitech wireless controllers. something like magsafe could certainly have prevented that damage though, and saved me the $129 (us) for a new ps2.

    what have you guys broken (or nearly damaged) due to cords that wouldn't let go?

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    my first X-box came down with the fury of zeus. Thought i think it had more of a chance of putting a hole through my floor. those things are heavy. I love the mag safe! im clumsy and there has been a few times where its saved me!

    <3 magsafe:yinyang:
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    I completely destroyed my $2400 Sony Vaio laptop by tripping on the cord and yanking it off my night stand. The good news is I had to replace my laptop and it brought me to my MacBook. Thanks Sony.

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