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    did i just kill my ibook?
    ok, so i was just installing CS2 on my ibook, (600mhz, 30g, 640meg) and when the machine went to sleep after sitting idle, i couldn't get it to wake back up. when i noticed the computer was off, i turned it on, only to see a folder image with an alternating icon (switching from the smiley mac logo to a question mark). WTF happened? my ibook is used, and i've only had it for a few days. it's still under warranty, so i can take it in tomorrow to get it looked at, but i got papers i need to write, so if there is anyway i can fix this myself, i'd love to know.

    did i just pretty much overload the computer? i've got ms office for mac, CADintosh, and adium installed as well, so i'm wondering if the processor said "forget this" and did something bad.


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    Oct 29, 2006
    sorry, i thought self-editing the following letters would suffice. won't happen again now that i know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by metaljim View Post
    sorry, i thought self-editing the following letters would suffice. won't happen again now that i know.

    Second part of rule 1
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    oh, i forgot to mention i'm running tiger. since tiger is a bit memory hungry, should i downgrade to panther? what would i be missing if i downgraded?

    could this be part of my problem?

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    Oct 29, 2006
    turns out it was a hard drive problem. either the hard drive itself took a dump, or the computer isn't recognizing it. hopefully it's the hd itself, so i can get my computer back soon.

    the issue is this: i can't afford to replace the hd with a new unit, so the guy at the mac place is throwing in a used unit. since any hard drive has a limited life, do you think i should take the risk and run a used hd, or try and come up with some dough for a new unit (which, i learned, would spin faster than an older unit)?

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