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    New Core2Duo Macbooks out next week?
    Hey, i was just surfing the net and stumbled upon a site called that mention the upgrade to the macbooks. It had a link to the UK online store that has the C2D Macbooks up for preorder. It states the release date is Nov 13,2006.

    I don't know how true it is. If you click on the pic to get more info it actually states it has a Core Duo.... so you never know. It would be strange to list the same laptop twice on the website though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wytwolf View Post
    I don't know how true it is.
    It is completely untrue. Apple does not give out specific dates like that for product releases, nor do they allow "pre-orders" on their hardware.
    I also wouldn't put any stock into a site that follows practices like this:
    Last week, published, and removed, descriptions of new Core 2 Duo MacBooks. The retailer has once again posted the new Core 2 Duo Macbooks on its store..
    Why were they published and later removed?
    This is an example of speculation at the extremes. This retailer is so desperate as to allow a person to "pre-order" and item that Apple has neither officially recognized, announced, or released.
    I would not be surprised if Apple's legal team is looking into this as we speak.
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