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Thread: Extra mac?

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    dual g5 2ghz 3gb ram
    Extra mac?

    Im currently using my beloved dual 2ghz g5 with dual monitors and 3gb of ram as my mac for work and play (i work from home) work being webdesign/design.

    I've just rented a studio to work in so im not working at home any more and get a bit more space, so im thinking of shipping my g5 to there for work purposes - but this leaves me no mac for home and play!

    Im not sure what to do. Im thinking of a 20" imac for use at home?, im heavily into photography and dabble in music production with logic express, would a 20" imac fit the bill? or any other suggestion in possible working methods! maybe using a powerbook instead? sell the g5?

    awfuly confused with my maccing!

    Any ideas / suggestions would be most appreciated!

    River Cottage

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    Get an Intel Mac. If you use Aperture and Logic, then you need good processors. The iMac has a good enough one for these Apps. But you can go really superfast with a Mac Pro. Then encoding music and applying effects etc. will be a breeze. But IMO, that's only necessary if you do video and DVD studio stuff.

    So I'd say with an iMac C2D and at least 2 Gigs of RAM, you're set.
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