Hey guys, I went to a surplus auction today (I live in Tampa, FL) where they said they would have computers purchased from one of the local school districts. Much to my surprise they had a ton of Dell white-tower PII/PIII computers, just like the ones I literally throw in the garbage every day at work and other random junk that isn't even worth picking up for free.

Anyways, I'm intrigued in making a couple extra dollars being that I'm a poor college student and especially now that I'm getting married this Spring break and need a down payment on a townhouse me and my woman will be attempting to purchase.

I've always wanted to buy a ton of Apple computers, work on them, and sell them. I work on boring Dell desktops and servers all day long at work and getting my hands dirty taking apart Apple computers is something that relaxes my mind after a hard day of fighting to keep Windows Server 2003 operating, and supporting all the mind-boggling user errors in our offices.

Does anyone know where to start asking to see if there is surplus that can be purchased? I'm going to try e-mailing the local school districts and offer them some cash money if they have anything, and I'll try USF (where I go) and UF down here in Florida.

If all goes well I'm hoping to jumpstart an operation with a few friends of mine. When it comes to making money, we can really set our minds to something as we've done in the past, and I think this is an ideal opportunity. There's hardly any resale at all in PC computers, but as we all know Apples tend to hold their resale very well, even when 5-10 years old.

If anyone has any tips or ideas let me know, and if anyone else is looking to make some extra money on the side, I think this is a great opportunity, and if you know the right people then there will always be surplus availability at county schools and universities alike.