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    Smile The bliss of Mac
    Sometimes, I just get on my knees and thank god for technology. I'm sitting at my desk on a fine Saturday morning, with my MacBook on my right playing iTunes, while I play an SNES emulator that the computer is pumping to my 20' Dell monitor. I'm a geek in heaven.

    No real point to this thread, I'm just appreciating what we have. Sometimes we forget.

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    I did that the other morning before school. It was one of those days where I didn't have class till 11, woke up at about 8:30 becuase I got tons of sleep the night before. Wasn't tired at all, made some breakfast, and no one was home so I turned up the sub and speakers hooked up to my MBP and blasted some Breaking Benjamins on my new Mac. Checked my email, chatted on Adium, and checked my school's website only to find out that my only class for the day was CANCELLED! So I sat there for another 2 hours! I was in a moment of bliss of enjoying my technology without a care in the world!

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    Sounds like me.. my high-performance wintel machine and my xandros machine are KVM'd to a 17" monitor, then I have my 13" TV with my highly modded xbox beside that.. Then, behind me, my 21" widescreen monitor is running my Xbox 360 in HD-VGA.. my Wintel has surround sound, and my xbox 360 has logitech z-3e speakers. Also, my 360 is KVM'd with my G4 PowerMac (used fot media like movies and music)... Hehe.

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    I was feeling the same a few days ago when my G4 Cube came.

    I woke up early for my driving lesson and a few minutes after I got back, the guy delivered two boxes- Cube and 17" LCD Studio Display.

    My good ol' G3 iMac was playing In Flames while I opened up my Cube and set it all up on my desk (where my iMac usually sits, but it has now been moved temporarily to my filing cabinet). I then sat and admired it for a bit (compared to my Windows laptop next to it) and hoping my hard drive and TORX screwdrivers hurry up so I can use it!
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    I am in the mood for this kinda stuff right now, as I celebrate one year of being a mac-addict. And I changed my desktop back to the blue thing for nostalgia purposes.
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    I too am celebrating 1 year. I'm really appreciating my 20" PPC iMac G5 all the more as it's going back to it's mummy!

    I've had 4 repairs in the last 4 mths of the complimentary warranty and I persuaded Apple Aust to replace my mac.

    So, any day now I'll get the call....bring your mac in for I'm just really enjoying using it in it's last days here at my house. All the cool features I've grown to love ... all the fantastic things I've achieved in the last 12mths.

    Not to mention being a part of the Mac-Forums community, where I've learnt heaps.

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