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    The good and the bad
    I am considering making the switch, and I thought it would be interesting to read what Mac owners feel are the "pros" and "cons" of using a Mac. I already anticipate some responses, but there could be a few unique ones.

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    -Not having to worry about adware/spyware or any sorts of viruses, preventing a lot of system maintenance.
    -Having the Dashboard and all the available widgets for free download.
    -AppleCare plan and the great customer service.
    -Reliable OS.
    -Another pro I find (personal opinion) is that not many of my friends are not well educated with OSX, so they tend not to just use my computer without being asked becuase they really don't know how to work it well.
    -Using Bootcamp to install Windows just incase you need to use a program that's specifically for windows.


    -Trying to find alternate programs that were "Windows Only" (this being more of a personal con, but so far I have been able to find alternates to most of my programs that I used to use on windows, some are better :mac.
    -Maybe they are a little higher priced than normal PCs?? But I do find that you definately get a great product for the price you pay.

    These are just some that I came up with off the top of my head

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    Many, Many Pros. I am not going to list them now.

    One con for me: All my friends use PC's and I get picked on for the pompus Mac vs. PC commercials when I don't align myself with them in any way.

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    As said many many pros even though I am fairly new to the Mac world. Some of them are;

    It really does just work.
    Incredibly fast with almost everything, Parallels running Excel is faster on my Imac then it is on my pc which is a AMD Athlon 64 3500+ also with 1 g of ram.
    Price, when compared to a pc with a similar processor and 20" monitor the price isnt really all that much more.


    Safari at times seems to slow down loading web sites.
    The speed of the super drive is much slower then most new pc super drives ( however the slower speed reduces the number of coasters).
    Have not yet stumbled on a way to keep my system sleeping when it is attached to my HP 6 printer.

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    And one last Pro which I almost forgot....I love the Apple/PC commercials

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    -It's Just better, you name it it runs better...
    -Run XP Programs aswell via Parallels or BootCamp

    -Not Great Selection of Games compared with the PC
    -Safari isn't widely supported, But Firefox is so use that
    -Windows Live Services not Available and Messenger for Mac Sucks
    Damien Healy
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    Your're that one kid in class who can edit that mp3 because you have GarageBand and just HAD to brag about it during recess...
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    For my 20in iMac c2d which I just switched to:

    - Sexiest computer i've ever used - even the mrs likes it
    - So **** quick at almost everything
    - The dock
    - Very few spyware/virus threats
    - Bootcamp
    - More 'exclusive' than a PC. Not everyone has one
    - Very quick to boot up
    - A Sleep mode that works properly

    - The airport extreme card in the new iMac's are duffers - very slow throughput and loses connection. Apple wont accept it even though there are over 2000 posts about it on thier discussion forums
    - The 'mighty mouse' isn't so mighty - I dont like the button design and I find my Intellimouse Explorer far better so I use that
    - The apple keyboard layout here in the UK: the ' " ' and ' @ ' signs are in the wrong place and follow the US layout. Now using a MS Ergonomic 4000 keyboard and its much nicer
    - The finder isn't very good as a proper file browser. I've had to find decent alternatives because it frustrates me (probably from using a PC so much!)

    Overall, I'm very happy with it, its the wireless problem that winds me up more than anything else.

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