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    Lightbulb MacBook Review from a New Owner. My 2 Cents.
    So I'm sitting in the lounge of my University...bored...then I remembered all the great people that helped me on this forum. I thought I'd give my two cents to future MacBook Owners, since I just bought mines about a Month Ago.

    Here goes:

    I bought white MacBook, 2GHz, 512 RAM, and a 60 GB HDD. I upgraded to a 2 GB RAM, from newegg.come for about 200 bucks. When I first started with 512, which I never intended too, the MacBook was a little too slow for me. I use I actually wrote about the ram before, so I'm just gonna quote it. "when i got the macbook with 512 ram, it ran a little slow for my taste. I'm a heavy user, so the minute i got it, i ran microsoft word, fire fox, ichat (AIM for MAC), itunes, and a torrent program to download right away. the 512 RAM wasn't really able to keep up with my multitasking. it actually lagged and counted seconds before apps would open. once i upgrade to 2 GB RAM, everything ran smooth as and crisp. on the average i would have maybe 2 fire fox windows, itunes cranking, limewire or bit torrent, ichat, and micrsoft word. and sometimes i even throw in other programs like dream weaver. but with 2GB RAM, your unstoppable. but perhaps 1GB RAM would do you just fine. Personally i would get the 512 stock and upgrade to the 2GB RAM, because the 2GB RAm is only around 200 bucks on as a student u already save 100 discount, so your spending about 100 for a 1.5 RAM upgrade." But personally for me, I believe it was a mistake for the 60GB HDD. I already used half my hard drive. >.< I reccomend thinking about the HDD before you get it. I am a college student with a good amount of word processing and music and videos and I find myself cringing for more space. I plan on getting a external. Hehe. I never had a Mac before, but I got use to the OS very quickly, and found alot of short cuts through the help of these forums and day to day use. The OS is great, and ran very smoothly, much better than Windows. (Sorry Microsoft) Plain and simply, the OS just works. There was only about 2 times when programs froze on me. One was Google Earth, which had to restart itself, but it was no biggie, because google earth is a huge program. And VLC Media Player had to restart itself because the DVD loading is really slow. (I got the super drive) I burned a couple music CD, and it was blazing fast. I burned about 16 songs (about 700MB) on a CD and took less than 5 minutes (choosing the speed burning option). I bought the Body Plastic Casing from the infamous Invisible Shield for about 45$. Sorry for contradicting myself before, but I don't think the invisible shield is worth it. It surely protects your casing from scratching, but heres the deal. Putting the cover on, you have to get it right the first time. I messed it up the first time, and had to remove it and had help from my girl friend. The second time, it went on great without the bubbles, but it looked deformed cuz of stretching (a lot of stretching to remove) and very dirty because it had a lot of lint from my bed. (lol we was doing it on my bed <pun intended>) So yeah, good tip, don't apply it on your bed! I e-mailed invisible shield and told them that the top casing didn't fit because it was too big....(I wonder why)... and they sent me the second set very quick. I was to send back the first one and thats it. It's free of charge. The service is great. But I still don't like the invisible shield because upon, the second removal, the adhesive stayed with my cover and takes an arm and a leg to remove. It came off with WD-40 (suggested by some great people in this forum). Also there is alot of dirt buildup between the edges. I'm planning to sell this set on ebay since I can't return it. However I did keep the plastic coverings for the palm rest and track pad button, because i find those places to build up oil and dirt quickly. This was the only place where the invisible shileld was somewhat useful. The MacBook runs great, and smooth, and I can't stress anymore about it. The battery life on this thing is amazing. I can browse the internet, take notes, and play chess at the same time, and it lasts about 3 hours or more on a full charge. This compared to about half an hour on my Dell 700M -.- which I sold. The MacBook is not heavy at all in terms of what it is capable of, and I am very satisfied with it. The only problem I have with the MacBook is that casing. The Battery is not inline with the rest of the casing and you can feel the gap between the battery and the casing and the difference in elevation. But it doesn't effect the overall sitting of the MacBook. I find there is several places where there is a lot of creaking. The 2 USB ports on the left, creaks alot every time I lift it up. The screen makes this weird pop noise everytime I move it from the side. *I have to move / open the lid by holding near the webcame so it doesn't creak or make that pop noise* Also the frame around the screen is a little loose on the left hand side, about 2/3 from the bottom. This doesn't bother me and is no big deal, but I found out through these forums. I don't actually goes poking and smacking my laptop to find creaks. Keeping the macbook clean is easy. Just air out the keyboards and give everything a good wipe with a clean t-shirt and everything looks great. Overall I give the Macbook a 9.9/10 from someone who just switch to a MacBook.

    And as a tip to future owners... don't wait for the intel core2duo to come out. Trust me, I stressed about it for 2 weeks, and it wasn't worth the wait. People rumor that it is coming out soon, and it never did for me.

    Special shout out to some people who helped me that I want to thank you:
    sursuciofla !
    Aptmunich !
    powerbookg4 !
    D3v1L80Y !
    symondavis !

    Look for those guys, they are really out to help. =]

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    What a great post! I'm new to this forum and macs so this is really helpful I'll also be making the "switch" soon too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Netty4mac
    What a great post! I'm new to this forum and macs so this is really helpful I'll also be making the "switch" soon too.
    Likewise, although paragraphs would have been nice

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    Quote Originally Posted by Netty4mac View Post
    What a great post! I'm new to this forum and macs so this is really helpful I'll also be making the "switch" soon too.
    I don't think there is a need to "switch" I own a PC and a Mac I use them both, there both good for different things. If you buy a mac great but don't throw the PC away just yet because it has its uses too.

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    i love my mac transition machine (mb)

    sadly, itll be replaced with a macbook PRO , oh man!
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    Ironically, if you had waited just two more weeks, you could have gotten a Core2Duo...

    I just got my Black Macbook 2-3 days ago and it's amazing. Just like you I turned it on and started loading programs left and right. Mine came with 1GB of RAM and a 120GB hard drive. The RAM was fine the first day, but ever since I installed Parallels, it's been a bit slower, though just barely. Once I throw another gig in it, I'm sure it'll be flying

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