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    Just a side note. My teen daughter tried out a Zune and proclaimed that she could not really figure out how to run it quickly. Said she ...something like this anyway..."only Microsoft could take something as simple as playing a song on an MP3 player and make it that complicated!" ...just good enough? I am not sure that even that is true. However, don't count them out. They will work to improve the Zune, I am sure. But certainly their first foray into this market isn't very impressive.
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    A friend on mines son bought himself a Zune, gave his iPod Mini to his dad. My friend knows I have a rather large music collection and asked me for some specific albums on MP3 etc. Now, don't shoot me here, but I gave them to him. He loaded them into iTunes on his PC and loaded up his Mini and was happily listening when his son asked if he could load some to his Zune. Now, as I understand it, the kid opened Media Player 11 and pointed it to the music. Media player then asked him to insert the original CDs so it could "verify" the music he wanted to load. Of corse, he doesn't have the CDs, the music came from me. I don't know that this is true, I've never seen it and don't own a Zune but I have no reason to disbelieve my friend either. If this IS true, it puts MS in an odd spot with consumers, many of whom swap or download music and seems a but draconian in nature.

    I mention this as it seems to fall in the same light as mac57s daughters comment. Both seem to highlight the fact that MS may also end up fighting their own poor image.

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