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Thread: Finder shortcut keys..

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    Finder shortcut keys..
    Ok you really know your talking to an inexperienced mac user becuase I don't know what buttons to hit for the symbols on some of the Finder functions.

    For example:

    Emptying the trash I always have to click on Finder, Empty Trash, but I would like to just be able to hit the shortcut key. I know what the command symbol is...but what is the big arrow pointing up and the sideways arrow with the "X" in it? Thanks!!

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    The Apple key = Command
    The odd looking "X" = Option
    Big Up arrow = Shift

    To throw something away, select it and hit Command+Delete.
    The empty the trash hit, Command+Shift+Delete.
    To go up in the folder hierarchy, hit Command+Up arrow. (same for down)
    To go Back in Finder, hit Command+[
    To open a folder, hit Command+O
    To make a new folder, Command+Shift+N
    To open a new window, Command+N
    To go to your apps folder, Command+Shift+A
    To go to your Utilities folder, Command+Shift+U
    To go to your Network, Command+Shift+K

    Those are all I can think of that I use often...
    I try to Command+Shift+/ when I can.
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    Hey thanks surf!

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    Don't forget Command+Option+Escape

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    Link to the Sticky on the forum regarding
    Keyboard Shortcuts.
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