I thought i would vent and share my vacation from heck with you all.

Went to Disney with my wife and son (1 year old on monday the 4th) starting last monday (the 28th)

The first thing that happens when we wake up monday morning is the threat of Tropical Storm Ernesto to Miami (where we live). So all day monday i was talking and emailing work about certain Disaster Recovery plans and talking with my mom who was in miami to make sure everything was ok. thank godness Ernesto didnt amount to much.

On tuesday we went to Seaworld but it was very hot and one of the whales was in labor in the main Shamu tank, so no Shamu.

Tuesday night my son wasn't feeling well and was up all night. On wed we thought he was doing better but the samething happened wed night so we took him to the ER around 4am and left around 6:30am with nothing more than what we already knew, he had diarrhea. We were concerned he was getting dehydrated but the hospital didn't seem to have the same concrens.

Thursday and Friday it rained but we managed to go to Epcot for a few hours on Friday.

We left saturday morning to spend a couple night with the in laws in Cocoa.

sorry for the rambling. anyone else got a vacation from heck they want to share so that i dont feel alone?