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    Apple Article in Todays paper
    This article was published in todays edition of 'The Independent'.

    I read it and found it interesting and thought that some of you might find it interesting.

    Apple Mac: Is the rebel brand faltering?
    Computers were just dull, grey boxes until Apple came along. The 'rebel' brand's beautifully designed, brilliantly marketed products became the epitome of plugged-in, wired-up, 21st-century chic. But as the company has prospered, so its devotees have become uneasy. Faulty products, poor service - and worse - the list of grievances is getting longer. Is Steve Jobs' empire losing its cool?

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    the article does raise some good points. Apple has become the dominant goliath-style company in the MP3 player market, and have had some slips recently.
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    As every company expands they face problems with keeping quality at the same level, there is nothing new here. Everyone moves to china, korea, mexico in order to keep costs down, it is reality. As soon as those countries realize they can have more rights the work will move to another cheap country. I guess apple can do what some other companies do, charge a premium for the products that are made in America, but then people complain about prices.

    This article was very bland. All it did was talk about mistakes, it does not mention any strengths such as the operating system or how highly ranked apple’s customer care is. Also it doesn’t even mention any of apple’s competitor’s assembly operations or there hardware problems (flaming battery anyone?) it was just very misleading and one sided.

    The fact is every company has problems, it is how the problems are resolved that is key. :batman:

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    In fact the article says that the Apple customer care is bad and mentions the case of Apple initially refusing to replace yellowed macbook cases.

    I do think though that to redress the balance they shold have mentioned the stable OS, lack of viruses etc, etc.

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    It's really annoying that the press spin things this way, but I guess it's how it always happens. If Toshiba had a problem with case lids fading but were refusing to replace them until a cause had been determined, there'd probably be a single article on it somewhere. As humans we have an attitude of 'building up the little guy', and 'bringing down the big guy'. Unfortunately, it would also appear that most people are too blinded by it to notice that the big guys they are bringing down are the exact same little guys they helped build up ...

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    every empire has a beginning and a fall

    apple really isnt an empire, but they have a good percentage of the market... hope they dont start going south soon
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