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    It seems like mostly everything new in longhorn when compared to xp, OS X already has. Transparency in the windows-wow.......the windows flab around when u move them (looks just like minimizing in os x, only i dont see the reason of having this id think id get annoyed if all my windows moved like that when i moved them note-paul thermann said this will probably not be in longhorns release and is just to show off the graphics) And also the sidebar is just like in MSN 8 the blue part on the right side....with a little more transparency and a clock. As a matter of fact theres something like that for xp now it all seems a waste of time. Its supposed to come out 2005 but may not be till late 2005, 2006......well have 10.4 maybe even 10.5 by then, and longhorn still wont be better then 10.2.x! Anyways, I wanted to know what you people all thought about longhorn and also, WHERE can i find the PDC 2003 keynote where they talk about longhorn? I wanted to see it in action, but I cant find the video anywhere. Was wondering how much they've copied from apple..................

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