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Thread: WWDC 06 - effects on mac product lineup?

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    WWDC 06 - effects on mac product lineup?
    I'm a newbie macwise. Been using PC all my life-but considering purchasing the 1.83 MB.

    I am wondering: should I buy now or wait until after the conference. From people's past experiences, has previous conferences affected the current lineup of products in terms of price, availability etc? Maybe new offers etc.

    I am aware that the MB is still pretty new, so i don't think there would be much change. I am also a teacher, so I am hoping to take advantage of the educational discount and free nano (by Sept 16th I believe)


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    The only consistent rumor for WWDC computer-wise has been that they will unveil the PowerMac replacement, the MacPro. I doubt they'll announce changes to any other model lines' specs or pricing, but Apple does like to surprise us, so it's hard to tell.

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    I think the only thing that I would wait for would be leapord which they will show and most likely give a time period that they are expecting a release of the new os. If you like how the os looks then you can wait and get that instead of buying now and upgrading later. If I am to get a new computer then I would wait until after leapord is released.. just saves the trouble.
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    Yes, wait until the WWDC.

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    I've heard the possibility of updated macbook pros with the core 2 duo.

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