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    Nov 17, 2005
    1.83 MBP
    I love Garageband and quicksilver. The look and feel of my MBP is pretty sweet as well, I just I knew how to clean it up a little.

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    What do I love about a g3 imac on os 9...

    The fact that it still runs?

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    Feb 07, 2004
    The land of paella.
    Norwood is a Mid-2010 15 inch MacBook Pro with 10.11.1.
    Five things I love about my two Macs:

    1. If I want my desktop background to be a picture of Paul McCartney's face, then by golly, it can be done, and in only a few clicks! :flower:

    2. iTunes. It's so pretty.

    3. Being able to name the hard drive anything I want.

    4. If I insert a DVD on my computer, it just opens. I don't even have to hit any buttons.

    5. Two finger scrolling.
    "Time you enjoy wasting was not wasted" - John Lennon.

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    Feb 18, 2005
    Phoenix, Arizona
    ibook G4 14in
    I love how it does everything so well. I love the design and simplicity. I'm on a PC all day and it's refreshing to come home and do a little work/playin around on my mac.

    my apple is bling *tisk tisk, you shouldn't have any bling.. just nice things*

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    Like most people here I am on a PC all day at work and come HOME to to my powerbook. And that is exactly it, it is HOME. It is the real thing, the original. I feel that Windows has always been the system that has tried to be Mac.Sure, it was first and it is bigger... but it ain't better... never has been, never will be. If it wasn't for Mac we would still be using DOS!!! Mac is style. :-)

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