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    Sky by Broadband not available to Mac users: please complain
    Dear Mac Users

    Subject: Sky by Broadband not available to Mac users

    Recently it became apparent that the new Sky by Broadband service allowing the downloading of movies free to Sky subscribers has not been made available to for the Mac platform.

    As dedicated Mac users, we find this yet another irritating example of the marginalisation that Mac users face daily. Below is a series of correspondence relating to this issue – if you feel the same as we do, then please email your comments to Mr Peter Stone at with a copy to us at

    Thank you.

    Sent: 01 July 2006 20:28
    Subject: Downloading movies - existing customer well irritated by windows platform


    I have been a Sky customer for years now and I am totally disgusted by your absence of Mac platform for the downloading movie service. Given that creative people tend to use macs for video and film editing, I cannot believe that you have left mac users out of your equation. So, my question is - are you going to make movies available to download to mac users?

    Jane Jones
    Sent: Tuesday, July 4, 2006 16:38
    From: Customer Zone
    Subject: Downloading movies - existing customer well irritated by windows platform

    Dear Jane

    Thank you for your email concerning downloading Sky by Broadband.

    I can confirm that customer who are registering for Sky by Broadband via a non- Windows XP computer will find that you are not given the option to download the application.

    Sky has selected Windows XP as the operating system of choice to launch Sky By Broadband. Taking into account the features of Sky by Broadband, we feel that Windows XP best meets the needs and expectations of our customers, particularly when watching videos on your PC.

    There are no firm plans to expand compatibility to other operating system at this time. However, we will always consider customer feedback in our plans to enhance the product in the future.

    Should you require further assistance, please contact me on the above email address or contact Sky by Broadband customer services on 0870 609 4508.

    Kind Regards

    Peter Stone
    Sky By Broadband

    Sent: Sunday, July 9, 2006 11:33
    To: Customer Zone <>
    Subject: Downloading movies - existing customer well irritated by windows platform

    Thank you for your reply of 4th July. According to your website, Sky by Broadband is available to existing Sky digital customers who subscribe to the full Sky package:

    ‘Sky by broadband is a new service exclusive to Sky digital customers. It allows you to enjoy hundreds of films on your PC, including a mix of Hollywood blockbusters and classic movie titles available on Sky Movies. ?In addition, you can enjoy highlights from many of the major sporting events on Sky Sports. ??If you're a Sky digital customer, you can get the following Sky by broadband services at no extra cost…’ downloaded 9.6.06

    Therefore, we would argue that this service should be available to us regardless of the operating system we are using and to deny us access is therefore discriminatory. As a result, we are formally requesting a partial refund on the monthly charge of £42.50 to reflect the denial of full service.

    With kind regards

    Mr and Mrs T Jones

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    Just playing Devil's Advocate here but......
    It doesn't seem that you have registered for this yet by your initial email. They do seem to make it clear that the service is optional and that you should make sure that your computer is compatable before you do indeed register or download any software for this optional service:
    Quote Originally Posted by Sky by Broadband Terms & Conditions
    2. Access to the Service

    In order to use the Service, you must have a Compatible Computer. You will be responsible for confirming that your computer is a Compatible Computer prior to registering for the Service.
    Also, if they aren't currently charging anything for this optional service:
    Quote Originally Posted by Sky by Broadband Terms & Conditions
    3. The Service

    There is currently no fee for the Service. If we decide to introduce a subscription fee at any time we will give you at least one month's notice in writing and if you wish to continue to use the Service, you will have to enter into a new subscription contract. Full details will be provided on
    Then you really wouldn't be due any sort of refund as you haven't registered for it. They don't charge for it in the first place, therefore they have no basis on how to determine any sort of refund for it. They are not charging anything for it and if they decided to, then it would require a seperate subscription which you would be under no obligation to initiate. Either way, you are not being made to pay anything more for this option.
    Yes, it can be a nuisance at times when software companies don't make their applications cross-platform. It appears that Sky has partnered with Kontiki to provide them with the needed software for distributing this optional and complimentary service to subscribers. I would think that your efforts would be more suitably directed towards Kontiki and see if they would develop an application that would be cross-platform. That way, Sky would be able to retain their partnership with them and offer this complimentary service to all subscribers.
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