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    Exclamation New Mac user needs help with transfering data?
    I am new mac user and just got a Macbook Pro with Mac OS X and i want to try and transfer all of my itunes from my windows powered HP. How can I do this, I know it is possible but everytime I contact apple support they just send me some articles, can anyone tell me step by step how to do this. I have a large library with 1700 songs.
    thanks for the help,

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    If you have an iPod (or any other external drive), simply use it as an external drive and move the songs between the two on it. If not, burn the song files to a data CD or DVD on the PC and then copy them to the Mac. Either of those will be the easiest way to do it.

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    this site worked for me:

    although im not sure of you exact situation.


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    a crossover ethernet cable to network them together can work to

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    I'd say take a data cd or DVD and burn your entire My Music> Itunes > Itunes Music folder to that disk. Put it onto the mac in the Itunes Music folder (i dont know where that is since i dont even have mine yet) and then start itunes, then do File>Input and input the Itunes Music Folder.

    And there is all of your music.

    I did it that way and it only took me about 10 minutes to do that half way, but I had to use 3 dvds. The transfer from CD or DVD to Mac should only take about a minute every 150 songs or so.

    Good Luck

    Hope that I helped.

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    It doesn't get much more step by step than this:
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    I have tried it all and I feel retarded?
    I tried to do it and I can see the itunes library on my computer but it will not allow me to transfer it to itunes on my mac, why not???help

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    dude, it tells you how to do it on the apple website. use your iPod like it tells you how here:

    just go into your music folder -NOT iTunes- and copy the entire folder into the ipod. then transfer. really easy. that's how i did it.
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